This book has been written in three columns and three languages; English, Spanish and French and I am postitive that there is nothing on the market like this…nothing! Have you ever been to Church and asked your minister to explain the book of Revelation to you and he said I can’t because it is too deep or figurative? Well, this book will end that foolishness, when you are finished reading this book you will understand the 7 seals, 7vials of wrath and the 7 trumpets in the book of Revelation. This book reveals the identity of the Antichrist….according to your Bible and reveals a hidden mystery concerning two eternal Kingdoms; the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of the Father. I have inserted notes, timelines and ancient artifacts along with the references. This is a game-changer as The Negro Question book-series continues to raise the bar in the creation of books that inspire and teach the so-called Negro about himself and the World that he lives in! Think about this, a three-column book written in three languages, this is the hand of the eternal God, We are on the move, the spirit of God is at the head of this great army….love you!


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